5 Tips to Staying Fit While Traveling for Business or Pleasure

It’s important to stay healthy and active even when we are away on a vacation or while traveling for business. An article published by the Huffington Post shares some insights and tips on how this can be done.

WalkJogRun This awesome app, MapMyRun, allows you to plan your running route based on sites you wish to see in your new city. It will also keep track of the miles you have run, the calories you have burned, and the attractions you have seen! Another running app, WalkJogRun, is based on GPS data and also allows you to log all of your training data which can be shared with others.

LoseIt If you want to watch what you eat while you are on your vacation or business trip, two great apps, MyFitnessPal and LoseIt, will help you keep track of your calorie intake and calories burned.

BodyWeightWorkout Three apps that will help you get motivated when there is no exercise equipment at your disposal are: Body Weight Workout, Fitness Trainer HD, and Plank Exercise Workout.

Spinlister Not a big fan of running? Many cities have bikes for rent and Spinlister is a site designed to help you find a bike near you.

Fitbit You can purchase a FitBit device before your trip which will help you “track your fitness day and night” and will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

There are many ways to stay active even while on vacation or traveling for business. We hope that these apps will help you find your fitness motivation while you are away, but if not, that’s okay too. After all, aren’t vacations meant for relaxation? 🙂